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Harley Davidson 2014 – Present Electra Glide/ Street Glide/ Tri Glide/ Limited Windshield

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Introducing Clearview Shields New Recurve Replacement Windscreens for Your Harley Davidson Electra Glide, Street Glide, Tri-Glide and Limited Models.  Years of testing is now available in 4 fully functional Tour Screens.  Choose your color and height for the best coverage on your New Harley.

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Choose Height

How to choose the correct height shield


  • Due to the unique sloped back shape of our screens measuring must refer to a vertical height as opposed to a screen length.
Measured from the "OFF" designation on the igition switch to the top of the screen
  •  Harley Davidson Stock  Electra Glide, Limited and Tri-Glide  Vertically Measures 16.75"
  • Harley Davidson Stock  Street Glide   Vertically measures 12.5"
  • Clearview Shields Vertical size options  Super Sport = 13 1/4" Sport = 14 1/4"   Small = 15 5/8"    Medium = 17"    Large = 18"    X-Large = 19" 
Super Sport

Choose Color

  • The Dark Grey is only available in the Sport, Small & Medium.

Allows 96% of the light to transmit through the screen.

Dark Grey

  Allows 17% of the light to transmit through the screen. Recommended only for the shields you're looking over.  


Allows 49% of the light to transmit through the screen. Color appears as a brownish hue.

Choose Recurve Options

For more information about recurves click here

Pic2    Harley 2014 Limited Windshield Large Smoke Recurve   Our unique Ultra Recurve design brings the screen closer than competing screens while providing added lift to the slipstream without compromising a ClearView through the screen when needed.
Upper Recurve

• Pushes the Airflow 1.5" - 2" Higher • Creates a Better Pocket with a Shorter Shield • Makes the Shield More Rigid • Adds a Nice Look to the Shield

Choose Width

    IMG_2823 LDT 1 LDT 2
+5 Inches

5 Inches Wider than Stock


Product Description

IMG_5503 Barclay AK to FL 2

Our unique ReCurve design for the 2014- Present Harley Davidson Electra Glide Windshields are the result of 2 Years and well over 70,000 miles both competitively and personally of product development with Professional Long Distance Rider Will Barclay.  Winner of the 1st & 2nd year Hoka Hey Challenge.

Premium High Impact Acrylic Blend Material Exceeds Industry & DOT Standards

  • UV Inhibitors Extend Shield Life & Provide Protection for the Dash and Acc.
  • 1/8″ Thick Material is More Rigid than the OEM Stock Shield
  • Optional Upper Recurve Pushes the Airflow 1.5″ – 2″ Higher
  • Pre Formed & Ready to Mount for Fast & Easy Installation
  • 4 Different Heights Available to Tailor the Shield Height to Your Height
  • Shipped with a Protective Film that allows Installation and Testing
  • Can be Polished, Buffed, and is Safe to use Rain-X Original Clear Formula Please
  • NOTE: These windshields are designed to work with the New 2014 3 hole Electra /Limited /street and Tri-glide batwing fairings.
  • Other aftermarket fairings may not be compatible with this shield and it’s options


Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 14 x 6 in

Super Sport, Sport, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Clear, Dark Grey, Smoke

Recurve Options

Upper Recurve


+5 Inches, Stock

18 reviews for Harley Davidson 2014 – Present Electra Glide/ Street Glide/ Tri Glide/ Limited Windshield

  1. Craig Stenger
    5 out of 5


    Yesterday…I received your survey and it just so happens; I was out on a 200 mile ride. Testing out my 2014 Harley Davidson Limited’s navigation and my new Clearview Shield.

    The two preformed as expected, the navigation took me on every route the Ride Planner had laid out. The small shield gave me all the visibility and protection; just like Clearview Shield’s has giving in the past five shields…that I have owned.

    Thanks…Craig for putting me on the test list; it was worth the wait

  2. Craig Stenger
    5 out of 5


    Just a follow-up, the weather here got up to low 40’s yesterday, so I installed the windshield with the wrapping still on, per directions, and took a 40 mile ride.
    The windshield seemed to work fine, the important thing, I can see over it !!!
    You will recall the OEM 10″ windshield on the 2014 Ultra Limited was exactly in my line of vision…..uphill I was looking thru it, downhill I was looking over it….

    I came back home, took the windshield off, removed the wrapping, installed again, then took a 50 mile ride. The amount of wind I get over the top of my helmet
    seems to be about the same as the 10″ OEM, however, importantly, I can see over it at all times !!!!

    FYI – On my bike with it installed, measuring from the top of the ignition switch at “off” position is 15 3/4″ to the top edge of the windshield.
    From the front top edge of the fairing to the top of the windshield is 8 3/8 “…..

    Thanks for your patience and understanding in helping me determine the height to order, and your follow-ups to my emails, etc….


  3. Craig Stenger
    5 out of 5


    ,, I rode it about 75 miles on sunday,, It was only 45 degreees out but your windshield was doing its job

    Annandale, VA

  4. Craig Stenger
    5 out of 5


    This is the 4th Clearveiw shield I’ve purchased and as with the other 3 I couldn’t be happier . The shield is 1.5 inches shorter so i can look over the top but with the lip on top the wind goes almost completely over the top of my head . Thanks I will recommend your shields to all my friends who ride and will not buy any other shield .

    Ashland, KY

  5. Craig Stenger
    5 out of 5


    I love the new Dark tint (MED) windshield. As usual with Clearview the quality is perfect.
    The medium worked out great for me because I can still see over it and the protection
    is better than the original which is close to the same height but with the recurve it’s
    The Dark Tint looks great on the 2014 Vivid Black Limited. I highly recommend Clearview for
    a replacement windshield. The design is much better than other companies
    that have replacement windshields because of the non-vertical design.
    It’s more like the aerodynamics of the original windshield but with the recurve.
    KUDOS to CLEARVIEW and the next windshield if ever needed will be a Clearview.
    Thanks again for letting me in on your initial early run.
    Ron from Tennessee

  6. Charlene and Mike
    5 out of 5


    2014 HD Ultra Medium Smoke

    Thanks Craig. Order looks perfect (as usual). I have been using Clearview shields on every Harley I have ever owned. You guys (and gals), make an ABSOLUTE PERFECT product. I have always been pleased with the Service, and have recommended you on numerous occasions, on several different Harley Forums.

    Thanks for everything, and keep up the EXCELLENT work!

    Mike & Charlene

  7. Ken
    5 out of 5


    Per our discussions, I would like to provide some feedback concerning the new “large smoke ultimate recurve” windshield that I installed on my 2014 Harley Ultra Limited.

    The 2014 Ultra Limited fitted with the stock windshield seemed to provide plenty of wind protection for the rider, yet the passenger seemed to experience much greater wind turbulence than my previous 2006 Ultra. Bottom line, my wife was less than pleased with the new ride!

    I had purchased a smoke recurve for my 2006 and we both found it to be a great improvement over the stock Harley windshield. It was a simple decision to contact Clearview Shields to see what success they had on the 2014. Describing my problem and hoping to gain some relief for my passenger, Craig offered a new option, which was the “large smoke ultimate recurve”. Craig had stated that this new design was a little wider, extending past the fairing mount, which very well may provide the additional windbreak we were looking for. I have to admit, I was a little concerned how this new windshield would look on the bike.

    Once I received the windshield and installed it on the bike, I was very pleased with the look. I am 6’2″ and sit fairly tall in the seat, which had me looking well over the stock windshield. We immediately took the bike for a spin and was greatly surprised. I had no problem seeing over and around the windshield, though with the ‘smoke’ tint it is easily seen through also. The best selling point was how pleased my wife was with the reduction of wind on her, which let her settle in and enjoy the other comforts the new bike afforded her. We left the next morning for a 700 mile weekend trip and she spent the first hour texting many of our friends telling them they needed to make a call to Clearview Shields to buy this new shield.

    When I first mounted the windshield, the tabs that extend on the side touched the inner fairing and I was concerned it scratch the paint. I contacted Craig and he suggested that I loosen the fairing screws and try adjusting the windshield. I thought that I didn’t have that much play, but after loosening the screws and pulling the windshield toward the front of the bike, the tabs cleared the inner fairing perfectly by a quarter inch. Especially with this concern resolved, I highly recommend this windshield both for the rider and the passenger’s added comfort. By the way, I have become a fan of the new look now too!

  8. Anthony Yellen
    5 out of 5


    WOW – such an improvement!!!! I recently bought a ’16 Street Glide Special and wasn’t very impressed with the stock windshield on the highway – I felt I was getting way too much head buffeting and looked to get a taller windshield. I received my Medium height smoked windshield with the re-curve this morning and immediately put on the bike and took a test ride. Virtually all the buffeting is gone; this is what I hoped for from a stock windshield but didn’t get. Customer service was great. HIGHLY Recommended!!!

  9. Donnie from KY
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I love my NEW Clearview XL (19″ clear w/ Recurve) Shield. I have a ’16 Street Glide and the factory shield is cool looking but was not very pleasant to ride with, to much buffeting. I put the new shield on as soon as it was delivered, after checking for defects and proper fit I removed the clear plastic protective material.
    I LOVE IT! I took my bike for a short ride, got to about 65 mph and the wind just flowed over without any buffeting. Exactly what I have been looking for. I’m going on a 3 day ride next week to the Smoky Mountains and I am so excited to get the new shield put on my bike just in time. I applied 3 coats of RAINX for any rain or fogging that my occur. Great Customer Service and I Highly Recommend!!

  10. Tim Harbor
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Shield looked great out of the package.
    I tested the stock shield-the wind coming over the top hit right at the top of my helmet.
    This almost 2″ shorter recurve worked just the same.
    It looks great and finally I can see the road without shifting my view over and under the top of the shield.

  11. Martin Becker
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I received the windshield today and it looks great on my new bike. I love the new sloped design. Very sleek looking. It was worth the wait.

    2016 CVO Street Glide
    Reid Miami , FL

  12. Max Strother
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I just rolled the odometer past 5,000 miles with the Clearview Recurve with the extra 5 inch width on my 2016 Ultra Limited. This is my third windscreen, and I wished I would have found it earlier. It is amazing. No comparison to other brands. It puts the wind (bugs/leaves/etc) over my head; yet, I look over the top of the windscreen.

  13. Matthias S.
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I bought a new windshield for my 2014 Street Glide. Great! On the German Highway with 100mls/h (160km/h) no headbanging, the wind on my helmet is gone. Absolutely great. Thanks

  14. Jesse V
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This was our last stop of a 2,222.9 mile trip from CA to AZ, NM and TX. Your windshields worked extremely well and we both noticed the difference immediately in comparison to our stock windshields. We experienced a blistering 118 degree heat in Quartzsite AZ to an extremely hard rain storm with gale force winds in Deming NM. Your windshield preformed extremely well in both conditions. We love your windshields and are going to highly recommend them to all of our friends and family with motorcycles.

    PS: Thank you very much for rushing my windshield to me so I could have in time for this trip. You guys are awesome!

  15. Tony G
    5 out of 5


    Good looking windshield. I guess the ladies in the neighborhood will have one one reason to worked up when they see this new addition, lol.Thanks, the light gray tint looks great and should pose no issues with night riding.

  16. Ron white
    5 out of 5


    Med dark grey for my 2014 cvo ltd
    Received the windshield today installed it and went for a ride, I,ve tried different windshields but nothing works like this one, hardly any wind around your head.

  17. Bill F
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):


    After searching for a few weeks for a taller windscreen for my 2014 Street Glide Special, I came across your site due to recommendations I read on several forums. I ordered my shield on March 3rd in a medium smoked grey that closely matched the factory windshield tint, and the height was 17 inch with the additional wings on the side the extend past the original factory shield and added the recurve at the top.

    This past summer, I have put 6000+ miles (including a 2500 mile trip around three Great Lakes) and the reduction in wind has been substantial – to the point that I can hear my radio without turning up the volume to full. In fact, I usually run the radio on 50% volume and I hear it very well. I do notice that I feel more wind from below the fairing but that is not a problem. On those hot summer days, you need some airflow to keep cool when riding. In addition, I “eat” less bugs and grit from the road – down about 95 %. occasionally, I will get hit from a bug but usually from the side and never over the top of the shield. I am 5’10” tall and the shield it just about a perfect fit. I can see over the shield and not have a problem with the recurve since I look ahead and not directly down in front of the bike when I ride. If I slouch down and look through the recurve, I can see where a shorter rider might have issue with the recurve interfering with their look-ahead vision. I did take measurements suggested on the website to ensure that I ordered the correct shield that was not too tall or too short. Clearview will allow you to mount the windshield (don’t take off the protective plastic), take it for a ride to see if it is what you wanted and if the windshield is not to your liking, return it (again, only if you don’t remove the protective plastic covering the windshield).
    Overall, I will say that I recommend clearview shield to anyone looking to increase their wind management and protection. The cost alone was quite a bit from the HD solution (you know the old joke – HD Stands for hundred dollars). Given that they allow returns, much less expensive than many others and being a US based manufacturing company made Clearview shield a perfect match.

  18. Joseph D. Price
    5 out of 5


    I used your recurve 11″ clear windshield on my 2016 Harley Street Glide Special
    for 11,000 miles.I now installed it on my new 2018 Harley Tri Glide and it still does
    great. I wash my windshield after every ride and noticed that it started to scratch.
    I found a great solution. I polished the acrylic windshield with Novus polish and
    then made a pattern for my 3M paint protection film and applied it to the windshield. No more scratches. I’ve used this 3M film for most of my Harleys and
    it’s a great protection.

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