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BMW R1150RT / R1100RT Windshield

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(7 customer reviews)


Our BMW R1100RT & R1150RT Windshields are Ready to Mount for Fast & Easy Installation

Retains the Full Adjustability that the Stock Shield Has

3 Different Heights Available to Tailor the Shield Height to Your Height

 2″ Added Width on 16″L and 17.5″L Models for Increased Side Protection


Choose Width

The 2" additional with is standard on the 16"L ad 17.5"L.
+2 Inches

2 Inches Wider than Stock


Choose Height

How to choose the correct height shield


Stock Height 14.5" L
  16" L 1.5" Longer than Stock
  17.5" L 3" Longer than Stock
  Measurement Location:
    Length is measured in the center of the shield from top to bottom
14.5 Inches
16 Inches
17.5 Inches

Choose Color


Allows 96% of the light to transmit through the screen.

Choose Vent Options

For more information about vents click here

5 Position Adjustable Vent

allows rider controlled airflow to enhance comfort in warmer climates, and helps relieve back pressure, adjusts in 5 different positions

No Vents

Choose Models

R1100RT Model
R1150RT Model

Product Description

  • Clearview Shields has been Handcrafting Shields in the USA for Over 31 Years
  • Top Rated by Riders Around the World in Performance, Quality, Fit and Finish
  • Premium High Impact Acrylic Blend Material Exceeds Industry & DOT Standards
  • UV Inhibitors Extend Shield Life & Provide Protection for the Dash and Acc.
  • 1/4″ Thick Material
  • Ready to Mount for Fast & Easy Installation
  • Retains the Full Adjustability that the Stock Shield Has
  • 3 Different Heights Available to Tailor the Shield Height to Your Height
  •  2″ Added Width on 16″L and 17.5″L Models for Increased Side Protection
  • Shipped with a Protective Film that allows Installation and Testing
  • Can be Polished, Buffed, and is Safe to use Rain-X Original Clear Formula

Additional Information


+2 Inches, Stock


14.5 Inches, 16 Inches, 17.5 Inches



Vent Options

5 Position Adjustable Vent, No Vents


R1100RT Model, R1150RT Model

7 reviews for BMW R1150RT / R1100RT Windshield

  1. Chris
    5 out of 5


    I just wanted to give you a report on the windshield you made for my BMW R1150RT. The trip we took to the national in Spokane, WA was a good test . The stock shield lacked the passenger comfort that I wanted and over 50 miles per hour the intercom was almost unuseable due to passenger wind noise.

    With the new windshield, at interstate speeds the passenger wind noise was down enough for the intercom to work quite well. The larger windshield, vented and with the shaped sides and top had very little distortion when it was raised to an elevated position so that I could look through the top. The wind slipped over me and the passenger very nicely and the ajustable vent let me cool off in the hot weather. It also seemed to reduce the pressure of the wind on the front of the bike. I did not have to change the windshield setting except when it was raining and then I took it down enough to look over the top.

    Thanks for the good work.

    Aurora, CO

  2. Dick
    5 out of 5


    I just wanted to let you know that I received the windshield today and couldn’t be happier. It fit perfectly and eliminated ALL the wind noise. I appreciate the extra steps you took to replace the first one so fast and I will certainly spread the word among my BMW friends.

    Thanks again


  3. Tom
    5 out of 5


    16″ Clear

    I wanted to thank you for the quick mailing of my order, I received it today at noon and had it on my machine within the half hour. I had to go for a ride to try it out I’m 6′ 3″ and have my seat in the high position on my ’96 BMW R-1100RT and I’m very pleased with how much wind noise it has cut down with the 1.5 inch height increase. You guys really hit the mark with the whole design being a “better mouse trap” than a stock shield.

    Thank you,
    Reading Pennsylvania

  4. Jim
    5 out of 5


    Stock clear

    Here’s my 2002 R1150RT with the Clearview upgrade. I’m 5’9″ but found I ran with the stock windshield adjusted all the way up 100% of the time but still had lots of helmet noise because the air was hitting the top inch or two of my helmet. With the new windshield, I can lower the windshield back to a 30 or 40% extended position and avoid the wind noise. And if I get caught in a storm, I can extend the windshield up all the way and get excellent protection. Great product.

    Menomonie, WI

  5. Rich
    5 out of 5


    R1100RT custom 18.5″ height with adjustable windshield

    Dear Mark and Crew

    The new windshield arrived Friday afternoon. I just wanted you to know that I think your company KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! The extra inch and a little bit higher and wider made it perfect. This is the first time that I get to enjoy a adjustable windshield. I can even hear the dash mounted speakers on the freeway. Before it was take the shield to the top and leave it there, wishing for more. It is raining here today so I will send a picture soon.
    This is the fourth time your company has sent me a top quality product.
    Thanks again.
    Corralitos, CA

  6. Rich (second review!)
    5 out of 5


    I talked to a Mark at Clearview Motorcycle Windshield in Colorado.

    After talking to him about the BMW, how tall I am and sending him the picture of me on the Yamaha. Mark called back and wanted to help. I explained how the 3 1/2″ taller then stock windshield that they offer was not tall enough. He then talked to his shop foreman.

    They came up with a way to extend the mold and doing a 1 off wider and taller one. 5″ taller and 4″ wider then stock. Well, it arrived Friday. Fab-u-lus… Now with the windshield all the way up, the top is about 1/2″ above my horizon. I now get to adjust it rather then taking it to the top and leaving it there. I now can hear the dash mounted speakers at freeway speed , no more wind noise in my helmet. They even put a Honda Goldwing vent in the middle. This is the 4th Clearview windshield I have bought. All have been great. They are a quality company!

    Corralitas, CA

  7. Richard
    4 out of 5


    Dear Mark
    I have been showing off your company’s handy work. Same comment from everyone: “Wow, look how thick. That’s nice!”

    I needed to run to Sacramento last weekend. A quick 400 miles and home by noon. Yes the fast lane both ways. The windshield worked great!!! As I first started out at 5am, with good posture, I had the windshield almost all the way up. 30min down the road, in the dark, posture went from good to bad and I had settled in. I lowered the shield a inch or so and I am off, nice and warm. I have never had a shield that worked this good.

    With the thicker than stock windshield, there is a wide edge line in the “field of vision”. Is there a way to grind the top edge, on a angle, with a smaller radius on the inside? This way the rider will be looking across the top edge not into it. I think it would be a nice feature? Just “fun facts” to make a great windshield even better.


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