Hello Road Glide Test Riders,

Below is our post-ride Questionnaire.  Please fill out each question and, if and when possible, include pictures to help explain any points you wish to get across.

Again, we appreciate your feedback and input.

*Rider answers are in BLUE*

Fit & Finish

What was your initial impression of the quality of the shield once you unpacked it?  Solid construction.
It seemed much larger than the stock shield. Once I installed it, that feeling went away. The material seems much sturdier compared to the stock shield.

Did the screen easily mount onto the fairing? YES

Did the fit and finish of the screen meet your expectations? Yes.  Again, it seemed large out of the box but once it was installed, it looked good and fit well.

Was the screen aesthetically pleasing once mounted? Yes and No

The size and shape are good.  I’m torn on the masking.  Have you tried a dark grey fade to a light grey fade instead of the solid black masking?  It doesn’t look bad, just out of place.

If you ordered Lt Gray, is the color what you expected? No. It seemed light but it’s fine.  I don’t want a dark windshield and the slight tint is so much better than clear. 


Was the performance of the shield what you had anticipated?  Yes.  I had a Clearview on my Heritage and was expecting the same performance.  That Recurve works well.

Did the screen height meet your satisfaction?  Yes and Maybe

At higher speeds 55+ the re-curve seemed to take wind and bugs over the top of me.  Great!  At lower speeds it didn’t as well but that’s to be expected.  Still, it’s much better than the stock windshield.  I would be interested in testing a shield about 1″ taller than the large.

Did the screen enhance to riding pocket for both you and/or your passenger?  Tested with rider only.  Yes, the pocket was enhanced as it seemed larger. 

Were there any distorted areas on the screen that caused problems when riding?  None that I found. 

*The screen was designed with a Recurved top edge as well as a mid-height recurved side contour to enhance the pocket.*

Do you feel these design attributes enhanced the ride for you and/or your passenger?  Yes.  Tested with rider only.  I did notice the wind going over me higher than the stock shield.  I also noticed no side hits coming from around the outside of the shield. 

Did you have a chance to ride in rain?  I didn’t.  When you try to ride in the rain, it stops raining.  Need to remember that in the future.



Thank you for your time and input!

-Clearview Shields Staff