A Clearview Shields Ode to Spring

Over the past few months, many of us have been wearing thin of cold and snow and just plain “not riding the motorcycle” weather.  Talking with customers from all over the country, some even in the southern states that have the better, cooler riding days, have been up and down with good weather and bad weather.  Frozen roads in South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas, are not the norm but pretty standard for northern states, especially those in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and the like.

Here in Colorado, we have had our cold days but lately warmth has been more dominant than cold, at least warmth defined as over 32 degrees (snow melting temps).  With my wife and I having purchased a new 2014 Indian Vintage in December of 2013, we have anxiously been waiting, like most of the rest of the country, to get out and ride.  This weekend I watched as months of the slowly melting snow and ice finally receded enough to consider getting the bike out to the road.  We began to get the new motorcycle out and warmed up but, to my disappointment, found the access road at the end of the driveway a muddy mess.  While the warmth melted the snow, it created a river of brown water down the dirt road that connects to our paved driveway that just will not go away. Which reminds me, “April Showers bring May flowers” and dirty bikes.  Maybe we are a few steps ahead of the Frozen North East but we want to ride!!

While many of the southern states have been riding on and off all winter long, there are still a great number that have not considered the possibility of even getting the bike out in the daylight.  If you are one of these unfortunate few, chime in this week on our Facebook Page, send us pictures of your frozen driveway, and console those other brothers of the frozen road and help us get through this tough time.

This morning, the weather report stated 14 days until Spring, again a little hard to believe for most, but to help us dream of the possibility of decent riding weather, Clearview Shields will help you count down to Spring.  We will be offering a discount in percentage form based on the day left until Spring. For example, tomorrow will be 13 days until Spring, so all day 12am to 12pm we will offer 13% off any web, fax, or phone order. The next day will be 12 days left until spring which means 12% off all day, the next day will be 11 days left 11% off all day and so on and so on.  So the faster you order, the better the discount.

Coupon codes will be simply the word “Spring” follow by the day left until spring

Tomorrow, for example, coupon code will be “Spring13”.  Please note that if you fax or phone in your order or just plain miss it on your web order, then you will have to mention the discount to receive it.

Spring will soon be here and all of us will be on the road riding our motorcycles enjoying warmer days.  Until then, get ready now to avoid the rush.

Here’s to Spring!!!

I can’t wait!!

Craig Stenger, President



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