Clearview Shields 30th Birthday

Clearview Shields 30 years

As I sit down to write this Blog I think of that old saying

“Time flie’s when you’re having fun”.

Certainly this first 30 years has flown by for us, but as business owners, as many of you self-employed people know, owning a business is honestly, not always “Fun”.  The saving grace for what we do is that we help customers whose goal is to get out and have Fun, and that in itself is Fun for us.

When we started this business in 1986, my wife and co-owner of Clearview Shields was 17 and I 18 years of age. We were young but full of excitement to make our new investment successful.  We spent hours and hours at our local library (remember those, they are still around too!) gathering data for mailing lists to build our dealer network, and studying our competition.  Now  the competition has more than doubled and gathering information can be done in your pajamas while drinking coffee at your breakfast bar in your house (by the way I am fully clothed and not in my pajamas).  Through it all we remained strong pursuing new products and helping countless numbers of motorcyclists across the globe.  In the late 80’s and early 90’s we never thought that we would be helping a Suzuki scooter rider in Spain, or a Triumph Cruiser Rider in Russia, or a Honda Sport Touring rider in Belgium, find that perfect motorcycle windshield. What a new concept of “Fun” that has been! But the basic premise of how and why we got into this business reminds us that the true idea of “Fun” has never changed.

Help the Motorcyclist find the best windshield that will make their next Motorcycle ride more enjoyable….FUN!

We first began developing windshields back in the late 80s. Our approach was one on one, working with the rider until we found a design that was functional and aesthetically appealing. The screen was created and the rider went riding away, happy with their new found comfort. We still start with one rider when we begin product development but in the late 90s we began working with what we called a rider focus group. While this first block of time with the individual is extremely important getting feedback from other riders with different riding styles, and different expectations became even more important.  Bringing a small group of riders together added a new “Fun” component to the design process giving motorcyclists feedback directly with each other as they reviewed the windshield design for their own needs.  Lunch was usually provided by Clearview Shields in addition to a cool destination to ride to while testing the new windshield design.

In 2015 we recently came out with a new replacement Motorcycle Windshield for the Harley Davidson 2015-2016 Road Glide. We followed the same pattern of product development that we established early in our business producing Quality Motorcycle Windshields which we applied to the earlier 2004 – 2013 Harley Davidson Road Glides, but expanded the focus group to riders all across the country. Now these new 2015-2016 Road Glide windshields have proven to be just as popular.  Some of the test riders have never worked with us before while others have been loyal Clearview Shields Harley Davidson Road Glide customers who looked forward to being a part of our next generation of Quality motorcycle Windshields. That process is “Fun” for all because we are getting feedback from different rider profiles from different regions of the US with different climates and riding terrains, helping the windshield evolve to what it is when it reaches your bike.

The Next 30 Years

For the next 30 years Clearview Shields will build on the growth of our production capabilities including the expansion of our second manufacturing facility in Northern Colorado managed by our youngest son, Ryan.  To commemorate this new expansion we have redesigned our DOT Logo to be stamped only on windshields produced from this foothills north facility. This expansion does not mean taking short cuts, but instead increasing the volume of our output. We expect production lead times to be reduced and customer service interactions to be more personable and less machined.  As always, order updates from the Fabrication Technicians that create your order will continue, keeping you in the loop of the creation of your quality motorcycle windshield if it is not already in stock. Remember we offer windshields for BMW, Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory and Yamaha with the recent addition of Indian (the wife and I enjoy our new 2014 Indian Chief Vintage, it just made sense)with the most options for your windshield than any other company. Yes that means not everything will be in stock and there may be some motorcycle windshield choices that will have to be manufactured.  Our marketing department has expanded to bring you “Fun” pictures, articles and rider reviews–not just to the website but across all levels of conventional and social marketing. Rider Demo Days at both of our facilities will bring people together to review new and exciting products for the coming years.  Again, your satisfaction and enjoyment– “Fun”— of your Motorcycle and your new Clearview Shield is our end goal.  We thank all of our past and present customers, without you we would not have been as successful.  We look forward to the next 30 Years of providing you with a Quality Clearview Shield in turn making that next ride “Fun” for years to come.

Craig Stenger, President

Clearview Shields

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