Hello Road Glide Test Riders,

Below is our post-ride Questionnaire.  Please fill out each question and, if and when possible, include pictures to help explain any points you wish to get across.

Again, we appreciate your feedback and input.

*Rider answers are in BLUE*

Fit & Finish

Did the screen easily mount onto the fairing?

Yes… mounting went easily.  The material is a little thicker than stock HD, but  no problems with the shield even with the Chrome accent trim.

Did the fit and finish of the screen meet your expectations?

Yes… It took a little ‘adjusting’ of the shield with the screws loose to fit exactly into the rubber base neatly, but once installed it looks good.

Was the screen aesthetically pleasing once mounted?

Yes. I like the slight tint to it. The scalloped design looks good.

If you ordered Lt Gray is the color what you expected?

Yes.. It could be a little darker, but that might hinder night riding, if you are ‘tucked’ due to rain. So the tradeoff to the present tint is good.


Did the screen height meet your satisfaction?

Yes. The height (I am 5’10) allows me to look over the shield in normal riding position. But if I need to get down a little, all I have to do is slouch a bit and get out of rains way.

Did the screen enhance to riding pocket for both you and/or your passenger?

Yes. I noticed a big improvement, and the wife said she can tell a difference as well.  Also, the added wind protection improves the ability to hear the radio.

Were there any distorted areas on the screen that caused problems when riding?

With any curve, there will be some slight distortion, but in this case very very minimal on the edges, and nothing that causes any issue.

*The screen was designed with a Recurved top edge as well as a mid-height recurved side contour to enhance the pocket.*

Do you feel these design attributes enhanced the ride for you and/or your passenger?

Yes.  I think it adds to the pocket, and improves the protection.

Did you have a chance to ride in rain? How did the screen perform,  did the moisture sleet off the screen effectively?

Yes but it was only a light rain.. Seemed to protect me well, but can’t comment on the rain sleeting off as it was light and I was in the City.

Overall I love it! Thanks! Bruce A


Thank you for your time and input!

-Clearview Shields Staff