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Pride, Quality and longevity in the U.S.A.

What I have continually mentioned in previous Blogs, and will not refrain in future posts, is the fact that we have been in the business of building motorcycle windshields for over 30 years (as of Feb 2, 2014).

Why is that so important to me?

1. Pride in what we do! Tonya (the co-owner) and I started this business when we were just out of high school.  Like many kids during that awkward time, we were not sure what to do with our lives. Financially, college was not an option and the military (for me) was a consideration for a possible future.  It was literally within weeks of when those thoughts of serving our country surfaced that what is now Clearview Shields dropped into our laps. After a rough start, we began to see that the fruits of our labors were not wasted and company growth was an annual part of doing business. One thing that I have always said to myself was how important it is to keep as much of manufacturing of our product in house, maintaining control over the quality of what we produce, through every stage of fabrication. That has not and will not change for as flag and gearslong as Tonya and I own Clearview Shields. Keeping that control over the manufacturing process also means that we keep control over our resources and materials. I can say all the tooling, packaging supplies, and employees are made in the USA (yes, our employees were made here in America!)  Pride in Living and Loving the American dream.


Again we have control over what leaves our manufacturing plant. If something does not pass our final inspection process for a 100% perfect windshield replacement, then it will either be re-cycled or offered at a discount. Customer satisfaction is HUGE to us. Out of the select customers who do get a call from the fabricator about minor blemishes found during the final inspection (Yes we do take the time to call you personally), very few were able to find what we find and then they get an awesome discount to boot! Without compromise to the Full Manufacturer’s Warranty!  If they are not happy once they receive it, we will gladly replace it with something that will make them happy!  So if you order and you don’t get a call, you can be assured you will receive the highest quality windshield in the industry.  Come on, it is a windshield and we are called Clearview, would we want you to expect any less?  As for the low price options at your fingertips, just remember: “You get what you pay for.”

3. Longevity.

Ultimately if you do what you love, there is really not much holding one back from success”. …Craig Stenger

It is interesting when Tonya and I tell people how long we’ve been doing what we do, the usual response is “how old are you?” I guess that means we look young?  There are so many young companies out there. Our strength of longevity is a testament to our values of quality in design and materials, not to mention the most important…good customer relations. If we had a weakness, I guess it would be our marketing prowess. I used to joke to myself that we are the best thing that not many know about. Our new website is like the company, a work in progress and we are always open to your input for improvements.  If poor quality and poor service were even a small part of what we have done, then I believe we would not be here now, still doing what we love.

Starting Mid January of 2014, Clearview Shields will begin a new program of customer service, bringing Fabricator and Motorcyclists together, like the early days when it was just Tonya and I. If your order is not in stock and we need to manufacture it, a direct link via email will be sent during the time frame that your order is being scheduled, produced, and shipped. This program will create a higher level of communication between You, the customer, and Clearview Shields and will set a higher level of accountability for the fabricator producing your order. As your order enters each stage of fabrication, you will be notified. If your order fails any one of the many inspection areas, you will be notified of the delay and given the choice to consider a discount if the flaw found is minor or have them re-fabricate a new one. We hope that this will show you that we are committed to excellence throughout every part of your order process.

It is important for you to know that 30 years is not just a number, but a testament to what hard work and dedication is in building a strong company. We have enjoyed the many years of designing and building Motorcycle Windshields and look forward to many more. Commitment to excellence in everything we do has brought us this far and will continue to push us forward.

Thanks to our past customers as we look forward to meeting our new ones.


Craig and Tonya Stenger

Owners of Clearview Shields